Good Career Advice


A career is something that we are engaged in more than two thirds of our lives and the right career could make a whole lot of difference in the quality of life they lead. A successful career not only pays well but is accompanied by pleasure and happiness.

Life is a one time trip and you need to take a step carefully because the tour very much depends on the route taken. A career decision is not strong but need a thorough study and the next paragraph says just the elements involved in the selection process. A process needs to be selected after proper assessment of yourself strength, aptitude, interests, passions and interests. One may have a lot of interests, but the aptitude in the same ways to succeed at work. Making hobby room / passion career would mean steady satisfaction derived work itself. We work more than eight hours a day and there is almost a third of the day we need to enjoy it as well. Most times career entry dude to parental or peer pressure that should be avoided, what may be good for a certain person may not suit the other person at all. So career personal choice and not cumulative decision of many people who may or may not be there on the many problems one can face due to career.

various steps in choosing a career is to assess one’s strengths and interests. Looking at the many options that are available in the market, ie job scenario, companies offering positions that would interest you, and then examine the various courses that would help to get a certain company / line of work. An example would be interest in drawing / creative aptitude and the same could get one to do a course in calligraphy and type setup at Calligraphers, or even do a course in advertising to get into the ad agency that develops advertising for its clients. Similarly, interest and aptitude in conversing with people / relationship building might lead one to take up a career in marketing or human resources. A keen sense of design and a knack for catching fashion could lead to self development of the fashion designer. Skills are always present, are just scattered and has to be shaped in a special way so that they can be put into practice.


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