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Expert Career Advice: 5 Quick Fixes to Make your resume Stand Out

again so are two edge sword; on one side you are holding in your hand the keys to better financial security, perhaps better hours for work … in short, all of your security for you and your family, then the other side of that pesky document, the family quickly wrote for you for several years.

Let me tell you that you are not doing you any favors if your resume is 6 months old! Again today have a harder time reaching the employer. Updates and formatting standard for today is a must!

Automated systems now scan your resume looking for relevant keywords, so if you were wondering why you have not had a call for an interview, now you know.

So let’s fix this now.

1. One Page back are not the thing anymore.

Yes, 20 years ago you might be able to match what you need on one sheet, but the job commercially today are complex and recruiters know this. One page back will actually hurt interview opportunity

Now this does not mean that you can now waffle and create novel War and Peace out your resume. resume needs to be laser focused, something I will discuss in the next fix.

2. Again with frickin ‘laser beams on them.

A focused resume is necessary because gone are the days when you sent out the same back to 100 different jobs worked. Most companies use the ATS system that scans resumes for keywords .. I let it sink in. Your ‘standard box again fits all “is being looked at by the machine first and foremost. Now do you see why you need to have your new laser focused? Whatever position is you’re going, resume needs to be tailored to the position- the automated system is looking for exactly what the recruiter is looking for.

3. Market the e-mail.

Use email as an opportunity to make it memorable and I’m not . Your email can work for you as it will appear at the top of your resume (did I mention that it needs to be able to click?)

Consider getting an email about a particular field phone.

my point here is to get an e-mail to market specific skills and it shows the employer how serious you are about your field.

4. professional experience.

Look what job you are applying for is to ask for in a candidate, then make sure you tailor your experience section to use these same keywords.

5. Target acquired.

new needs to have a target job. This will appear at the top again and I advise you to tailor the profession targeted to what the work is that you are applying for. This will give continue automatic scans great chance of picking up the new one.

If there is a new issue that you want me to write about, let me know by contacting me on my website.


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