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Career Advice – are frog in hot water



Only 55 percent of workers earning more than $ 50,000 and 45 percent of those earning less than $ 15,000 a year say they are satisfied with their jobs, according to a survey by the Conference Board.

What is happening here? This is serious stuff. The deviations should set the alarm bells to employers and employees alike

Job Tip :. It is a proven fact that employees who work are more productive and successful; therefore, their employers’ bottom lines benefit. At the same time, employees who find satisfaction in their work to earn more, and better health, both mentally and physically

Career Advice :. What do you think of your job? If you are among the number of those who are “unsatisfied” with the path of the curve, it’s time to get cracking with action to improve your life at work. Left uncorrected such a state of mind slowly but surely breed frustration and ennui, which in turn sap your strength and skills to build a successful career.

Rate your job

The first step is to take an inventory of career goals and where you stand in achieving them. Rate each of the following on a scale of one to ten. The higher the number, the more satisfied you are.

1. The total compensation website :. Your paycheck, your benefits including health insurance, savings and retirement and vacation

2. The credit balance between work and leisure time.

3. workload.

4. The chances for promotion.

5. Your job itself.

6. manager relationships.

7. work environment.

Take the total of your ratings and divide the number by seven. ? Yet the scale of one to ten, how satisfied are you with your career path

Now, go to step three by answering these questions:

1. What changes can be made to increase satisfaction level for seven to eight areas of current work?

2. Is Missing in satisfaction scores due to external forces that surround your job?

3. Is discontent own making phone

Are you teaching

Career Advice 😕 If problems are your own making, you will know that they will follow you wherever you go until you make adjustments in your own thoughts.

If you are not sure you can reach seven or eight points at the current time it is time to consider looking elsewhere for career success.

all that you do, if you are not quite well satisfied with life at work take action today.

Remember the frog. Put him in a pot of cold water and put it over a flame. Frog will frolic happily on the water goes from cool to warm. He will continue to adapt, swimming about contentedly, even as the water begins to simmer. It is not until the water reaches boiling the frog finally admits he is in serious trouble and try to get out. But by that time, his strength has been sapped and it is too late.

before the fact, you are the master of your own destiny. Readings on the satisfaction scale is the result of your own efforts.


Career Advice – Are you meeting their expectations


Here’s a career tip you rely on.

Understand what boss, direct reports and your peers expect from you and meet your expectations, it is important to career success.

There is word from Bill Neale, a founding partner of Denison Consulting, a company dedicated to study the relationship between culture and leadership in bottom line results

Here is a quick overview of research conducted by Denison :.

1. The manager expects to set and achieve policies and goals that support long-term tasks. “You can be the greatest team players in the world, or wonderful” people person, “but if you ignore the role of the company you will ever meet the boss,” says Neale, leadership development expert.

2. Redirect reports expect you to promote teamwork, delegate authority and responsibility, as well as to encourage personal development. The receiving direct reports your history, motivated and committed is crucial. “If you are not truly engaged people who work for you, you will not win a vote of confidence from them, and you are not likely to fully develop their strengths and abilities,” according to Neale.

3. Peer expect you to be adaptable and consistent, and committed to the principles and values ​​of the company. Organizational peer group are difficult to satisfy. “They may have less information about you, or see you as a competitor,” Neale says. “Peers, however, do not put much emphasis on flexibility and the ability to overcome organizational boundaries and constraints, and to push the ranking in the workplace.”

The point is if you are serious about taking the first step is to meet the various expectations, both spoken and unspoken-of your boss, who inform you and your friends.


Career Advice – Is Your Career Path Banned



If you are aged 20 to 40 years – called Generation X – is a major roadblock standing in your career path, according to the magazine Fortune

magazine label it as “The. Gray Ceiling” and goes Declaring that “A generation of younger workers can not get ahead … the (child) Boomers above will not budge.”

“In leaner companies today, managing jobs are fewer, and the Boomers have hung on them are in no hurry to let go, “Fortune finishes. In fact, one survey found that almost half of them plan to work past 64.

“senior executives in their 40s and 50s are paranoid about keeping their jobs, so they do everything they can to keep you down, “says Generation X ad executive.

how to break through the “Gray Ceiling

There are seven steps you can take to break through the” The Gray Ceiling. “

1. Address this urgent issue now. Move on to a new job if you’re working in a company or industry that does not require continuous infusion up and coming managers. If you do not leave acknowledge that the possibility of your career will be slow to come, at best, and no in worst.

2. Master current job. improve your knowledge and skills so that you are ready to handle a bigger job.

3. The strategic plan for your career, are timelines Share your goals with your boss, .. let him know that you are working to be promoted

4. Make your boss look good, so he will be promoted, open call career paths. Solve problems who are giving him fits.

5. Make sure your achievements are recognized by those above you who can advance your career. Promote yourself as you would a product.

6. Expand the network of contacts within and outside the organization.

7. Press the increased responsibility.

“The Gray Ceiling” is not going away anytime soon. Start to deal with it today.


Expert Career Advice for Your Resume


Expert Career Advice: 5 Quick Fixes to Make your resume Stand Out

again so are two edge sword; on one side you are holding in your hand the keys to better financial security, perhaps better hours for work … in short, all of your security for you and your family, then the other side of that pesky document, the family quickly wrote for you for several years.

Let me tell you that you are not doing you any favors if your resume is 6 months old! Again today have a harder time reaching the employer. Updates and formatting standard for today is a must!

Automated systems now scan your resume looking for relevant keywords, so if you were wondering why you have not had a call for an interview, now you know.

So let’s fix this now.

1. One Page back are not the thing anymore.

Yes, 20 years ago you might be able to match what you need on one sheet, but the job commercially today are complex and recruiters know this. One page back will actually hurt interview opportunity

Now this does not mean that you can now waffle and create novel War and Peace out your resume. resume needs to be laser focused, something I will discuss in the next fix.

2. Again with frickin ‘laser beams on them.

A focused resume is necessary because gone are the days when you sent out the same back to 100 different jobs worked. Most companies use the ATS system that scans resumes for keywords .. I let it sink in. Your ‘standard box again fits all “is being looked at by the machine first and foremost. Now do you see why you need to have your new laser focused? Whatever position is you’re going, resume needs to be tailored to the position- the automated system is looking for exactly what the recruiter is looking for.

3. Market the e-mail.

Use email as an opportunity to make it memorable and I’m not . Your email can work for you as it will appear at the top of your resume (did I mention that it needs to be able to click?)

Consider getting an email about a particular field phone.

my point here is to get an e-mail to market specific skills and it shows the employer how serious you are about your field.

4. professional experience.

Look what job you are applying for is to ask for in a candidate, then make sure you tailor your experience section to use these same keywords.

5. Target acquired.

new needs to have a target job. This will appear at the top again and I advise you to tailor the profession targeted to what the work is that you are applying for. This will give continue automatic scans great chance of picking up the new one.

If there is a new issue that you want me to write about, let me know by contacting me on my website.


Good Career Advice


A career is something that we are engaged in more than two thirds of our lives and the right career could make a whole lot of difference in the quality of life they lead. A successful career not only pays well but is accompanied by pleasure and happiness.

Life is a one time trip and you need to take a step carefully because the tour very much depends on the route taken. A career decision is not strong but need a thorough study and the next paragraph says just the elements involved in the selection process. A process needs to be selected after proper assessment of yourself strength, aptitude, interests, passions and interests. One may have a lot of interests, but the aptitude in the same ways to succeed at work. Making hobby room / passion career would mean steady satisfaction derived work itself. We work more than eight hours a day and there is almost a third of the day we need to enjoy it as well. Most times career entry dude to parental or peer pressure that should be avoided, what may be good for a certain person may not suit the other person at all. So career personal choice and not cumulative decision of many people who may or may not be there on the many problems one can face due to career.

various steps in choosing a career is to assess one’s strengths and interests. Looking at the many options that are available in the market, ie job scenario, companies offering positions that would interest you, and then examine the various courses that would help to get a certain company / line of work. An example would be interest in drawing / creative aptitude and the same could get one to do a course in calligraphy and type setup at Calligraphers, or even do a course in advertising to get into the ad agency that develops advertising for its clients. Similarly, interest and aptitude in conversing with people / relationship building might lead one to take up a career in marketing or human resources. A keen sense of design and a knack for catching fashion could lead to self development of the fashion designer. Skills are always present, are just scattered and has to be shaped in a special way so that they can be put into practice.


Career Advice For graduates


From time to time, we can all use a good career advice, and new graduates in particular often need a little guidance to get them started on the right career path, and to the land that all-important first job.

The labor market is tight these days, many Americans are feeling the pinch. Graduates, especially, can feel a bit overwhelming as they go out into the “real world” look for that dream job, only to find that there are more closed door that opens these days.

With this in mind, we will introduce some of the best career for both recent graduates and seasoned employees, its goal is to help you land a great job

Tip number 1 – .. Be Your own career coach

If you’re tired of filling out endless applications and constantly checking the job web sites, one great tip is to look at your situation from the outside. In other words, see yourself as a candidate and be your own career coach. From this outside perspective, give you the best advice on how to land a job.

Get outside of yourself in this way will often show you the weak spots in your resume, credentials or appearance, and provide you with clues on how to focus on the positive in your

Tip number 2 – Do not dress for the job you are interviewing for. Dress for the job you want to eventually have.

If you are applying for a job in the mail room in a large company, but the real goal is to be in upper management, do not show up wearing khakis and a short sleeve shirt. Even after you have secured a job, one of the most important rules of business success is “never dress for the job you’re ;. Dress for the job you want”

This may seem pretentious, or it could even make you feel you stand out in a way that is uncomfortable, though, the more you stand out, the more likely that you will receive higher-ups at the company. Whether we like it or not, the world we live in judge us all by appearance. Take advantage of this fact by presenting yourself as a neat and professional as possible, and always – and I mean always -. Dress above your current position

Tip number 3 – If you can not land a dream job, take my work and turn it into your dream job.

When the labor market is very tight, sometimes it may be necessary to take a job that you feel under your education. If this should happen, it is important that you do not get despondent about it, but see this as an important step towards an improved overall.

It is also important to be flexible, because the career path you outline for you at age 20 may not make a whole lot of sense to you in 26 years, for example. Some of the best career you can get this -. Work hard and give your all to any company and any situation you find yourself working in