Careers for unemployed Blue Collar Worker – Part 1


There will be times when you go to work in the morning to the unemployment line in the afternoon. So what Career Building Advice for unemployed Blue Collar Worker’s what

It’s really much you can do; the key is rather that you are ready for this event. Ask yourself these questions:

o Do you have savings to get by for up to three months?

o Is your budget allows you to live on unemployment?

o you know how to tap into your investments and other liquid accounts?

If not you need to take the following steps immediately follow this Career Building Advice and must be set to High. -Drive

Let’s start with impromptu Blue Collar Worker; there are several tasks to be performed immediately. The first projects are listed below:

o GET OVER IT – do not speculate in misery, your rights it was unfair, it stinks, and you deserve better.

o Sign up unemployment – this is what is going to get you through, do this immediately.

o pick up the phone – Tell everyone you know, you got Lavedan off. Tell everyone, every single person you know.

o ASK Why Sign – ask if they know of anyone hiring, to be excited let them know ready to get going ASAP.

o start a career documents -. Do not wait to create new, my best advice is to get a professional to do it for you now

What you get over being MAD, it will show up when you interview and will likely scare potential employers. In order to show the energy, enthusiasm and willingness to learn and most importantly a positive attitude.


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