Career Advice – Turf Hogs are dangerous animals


These marauders are easy to find, but hard to deal with. Left to their own devices, they will run amok. They can interfere with career path.

Turf Hogs work hard to gain credit for the ideas and work of others. They assume authority where no one has been granted. They claim to be team players, but depend on the territory of others.

When confronted, usually their defense is, “Who, me? I was just trying to be a team player and help others to benefit the organization.”

Career Tip :. If you want career success, you most likely will have to deal with Turf Hogs at some point

My Experience at American Express

I came across one of the kings of the turf Hogs in my career at American Express. Fred Y. was a match to the organization. His ambitions were far reaching, including my position as Senior Vice President Corporate Communications report to him instead of CEO.

He often went behind the back of other decisions guess that my staff had done. He would bring their offices to visit just (he said) “to see how things were going.” He expects to give them instructions. He “suggested” that I attend meetings “their” in which he asked for a report on my activities. When I could not attend because of a conflict in my schedule, he complained to the CEO, “Ramon is not a team player.”

When I confronted him, he would go to “Who, me?”. mode, accusing me of not being a team player

What is to be with Turf Hogs

Career Advice: Dealing with Turf Hogs requires patience and careful touch. I-was-only-trying-to-help their rationale is difficult and dangerous to deal with without appearing to be too protective turf phone.

First of all, you must be sure that the actions are damaging the turf hog organization; and you’re not just protecting your own area.

When turf hogs credit grabs go irritation erosion work, it’s time to deal with the culprits.

Invite him to meet with you in your office. Make it a closed- door situation. Be ready with a detailed list of their sins.

Citing more than one clear example of a complaint by his actions. Be sure to file damage. Fashion position along these lines:

“I’m a recent report your on boss you need some ideas on how I can do better, I appreciate your taking the time to offer suggestions on how to do. Job My, especially as I’m sure you have a full time job just implementing their own duties.

“Do not misunderstand me. I can use all the help I can get. But I expect you to come directly to me with your ideas. I know what my responsibilities are and focus our boss has assigned me. And I know what yours. “

Probably The Hog will fall back on the” Who, me? “Dodge.

reconstruct example of the team. Detail harm done. It’s a good idea to continue along this line:” As I see it, we are both charged with to do our jobs the way we we can achieve the objectives boss has laid out for us. The best way to do that is to respect the responsibilities and authority of each other as we work together. “

Do not be surprised if Turf phone Hog spreads the word to the boss and others that you are not a team. Players Be prepared to make your case to the boss if he asks you notes show that you are a team player

Career Tip: Do not expect .. The Turf Hog change, but you can keep the animal under control if you take a strong fact-based stance against encroachments him. It worked for me

by Fred Y.


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