Career Advice – So Your Boss is a Jerk


Unless you are among the rarest of rare there are times when you think your boss is a jerk, a real pain in the rear.

But hold up a minute, you’ll be well served to consider the reasons behind his behavior before you throw fits. Understand, please, that I am not saying these reasons will justify bad boss, but they do go a long way to explain what is happening. Once you understand what the boss, you will be better able to cope and manage contact him and enhance your career

Consider these conditions :.

1. Your boss does not know how to be the boss.

It may not be his fault. The workforce is full of people occupying the position of a man who has little or no training for the role. They simply stayed around long enough to climb up the ladder by virtue of seniority.

2. Manager you are dumb as a post.

He may be, but it could be that he’s just another way to do things.

3. Sometimes he is moody, rude and abrupt. You never know what to expect.

There is really no excuse for such behavior, but the reality is that you have to deal with it. Consider the possibility that your boss is reported by someone who is riding him unmercifully to improve performance. Or maybe your boss is going through a difficult period in his life.

4. Your boss is afraid to make a decision.

He may be scared out of his wits trying to fill a position that he is not qualified. Maybe he feels that his job is in jeopardy.

5. He always insists you do it their way.

Consider the likelihood that he knows more about the situation and the task at hand than you. Maybe you have not proven way is better.

6. He will not share information.

Maybe he is bound by his boss to keep close to the vest. Or it may be that he has no information to share. Or it could be that you have not shown that you can see the information properly.

7. He never pay any attention to what you do and never gives you any comments.

When your boss ignores you, he may be paying you a compliment in his own way. That is, he could be “ignored” you because he feels confident that you will carry out the work without seeking his shoulder.

8. He takes all the credit. He is jealous when the spotlight shifts from him.

This is a sure sign of an inferiority complex. Ego his need to feed. Does he see yourself and others as competition for power? Are you being greedy for attention?

You probably have some connection problems with your boss. Take a deep breath and get used to it. You will always have a boss. Boss problems are constant. Another constant is the relationship with your superiors along the path of the process will determine the luck

The basic technology to build a positive relationship with your boss is simple :. Understand the reasons for his

conduct; support him and make him look good; where he needs expertise provide it; prove that he can trust you and that you are a team player.

Maybe you can help your boss to get promoted and you will move up to take his place.

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