Career Advice – Lead, follow, or get out of the way


life will be more effective and happier when you found that it is perfectly okay to choose the option – the lead, followed, or get out of the way – that best suits your needs and desires. Career success is not defined by what someone else expects of you. Genuine career success is what you define it to be.

If you are not performing at your best in a role that suits you, you are in fact responsible for themselves and the company that hires you.

Get right with your world. Make a decision and act on it today and every day to achieve career goals you set for yourself

If you choose to be a leader, be prepared to pay the price of commitment and effort functional requirements: courage and confidence; the ability to assemble and use resources; discipline to stay focused on the goal; the ability to teach and motivate people; and want to continue to study.

If you are not ready to step up to meet the demands of leadership, you are programming yourself for specific accomplishments and disappointments.

At the same time, if you prefer to be followed, embracing the role with all that it entails, and to be a good follower, perform tasks to the best of your ability; support your leaders by performing his instructions; and suggest ways to improve the delivery and team leader.

To do otherwise is to muddy the waters for everyone.

Leaders can not lead without good followers.

Whatever you do, for no sake, choose, set career goals and get going on a career path. . As long as you’re vacillating between leading and following, you are stuck nest for all the money

Make everyone – myself included – pay: lead, follow, or get out of the way. Career success depends on it.


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