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If you are aged 20 to 40 years – called Generation X – is a major roadblock standing in your career path, according to the magazine Fortune

magazine label it as “The. Gray Ceiling” and goes Declaring that “A generation of younger workers can not get ahead … the (child) Boomers above will not budge.”

“In leaner companies today, managing jobs are fewer, and the Boomers have hung on them are in no hurry to let go, “Fortune finishes. In fact, one survey found that almost half of them plan to work past 64.

“senior executives in their 40s and 50s are paranoid about keeping their jobs, so they do everything they can to keep you down, “says Generation X ad executive.

how to break through the “Gray Ceiling

There are seven steps you can take to break through the” The Gray Ceiling. “

1. Address this urgent issue now. Move on to a new job if you’re working in a company or industry that does not require continuous infusion up and coming managers. If you do not leave acknowledge that the possibility of your career will be slow to come, at best, and no in worst.

2. Master current job. improve your knowledge and skills so that you are ready to handle a bigger job.

3. The strategic plan for your career, are timelines Share your goals with your boss, .. let him know that you are working to be promoted

4. Make your boss look good, so he will be promoted, open call career paths. Solve problems who are giving him fits.

5. Make sure your achievements are recognized by those above you who can advance your career. Promote yourself as you would a product.

6. Expand the network of contacts within and outside the organization.

7. Press the increased responsibility.

“The Gray Ceiling” is not going away anytime soon. Start to deal with it today.


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