Career Advice For graduates


From time to time, we can all use a good career advice, and new graduates in particular often need a little guidance to get them started on the right career path, and to the land that all-important first job.

The labor market is tight these days, many Americans are feeling the pinch. Graduates, especially, can feel a bit overwhelming as they go out into the “real world” look for that dream job, only to find that there are more closed door that opens these days.

With this in mind, we will introduce some of the best career for both recent graduates and seasoned employees, its goal is to help you land a great job

Tip number 1 – .. Be Your own career coach

If you’re tired of filling out endless applications and constantly checking the job web sites, one great tip is to look at your situation from the outside. In other words, see yourself as a candidate and be your own career coach. From this outside perspective, give you the best advice on how to land a job.

Get outside of yourself in this way will often show you the weak spots in your resume, credentials or appearance, and provide you with clues on how to focus on the positive in your

Tip number 2 – Do not dress for the job you are interviewing for. Dress for the job you want to eventually have.

If you are applying for a job in the mail room in a large company, but the real goal is to be in upper management, do not show up wearing khakis and a short sleeve shirt. Even after you have secured a job, one of the most important rules of business success is “never dress for the job you’re ;. Dress for the job you want”

This may seem pretentious, or it could even make you feel you stand out in a way that is uncomfortable, though, the more you stand out, the more likely that you will receive higher-ups at the company. Whether we like it or not, the world we live in judge us all by appearance. Take advantage of this fact by presenting yourself as a neat and professional as possible, and always – and I mean always -. Dress above your current position

Tip number 3 – If you can not land a dream job, take my work and turn it into your dream job.

When the labor market is very tight, sometimes it may be necessary to take a job that you feel under your education. If this should happen, it is important that you do not get despondent about it, but see this as an important step towards an improved overall.

It is also important to be flexible, because the career path you outline for you at age 20 may not make a whole lot of sense to you in 26 years, for example. Some of the best career you can get this -. Work hard and give your all to any company and any situation you find yourself working in


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