Career Advice – Are you meeting their expectations


Here’s a career tip you rely on.

Understand what boss, direct reports and your peers expect from you and meet your expectations, it is important to career success.

There is word from Bill Neale, a founding partner of Denison Consulting, a company dedicated to study the relationship between culture and leadership in bottom line results

Here is a quick overview of research conducted by Denison :.

1. The manager expects to set and achieve policies and goals that support long-term tasks. “You can be the greatest team players in the world, or wonderful” people person, “but if you ignore the role of the company you will ever meet the boss,” says Neale, leadership development expert.

2. Redirect reports expect you to promote teamwork, delegate authority and responsibility, as well as to encourage personal development. The receiving direct reports your history, motivated and committed is crucial. “If you are not truly engaged people who work for you, you will not win a vote of confidence from them, and you are not likely to fully develop their strengths and abilities,” according to Neale.

3. Peer expect you to be adaptable and consistent, and committed to the principles and values ​​of the company. Organizational peer group are difficult to satisfy. “They may have less information about you, or see you as a competitor,” Neale says. “Peers, however, do not put much emphasis on flexibility and the ability to overcome organizational boundaries and constraints, and to push the ranking in the workplace.”

The point is if you are serious about taking the first step is to meet the various expectations, both spoken and unspoken-of your boss, who inform you and your friends.


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