Career Advice – Fitting in the new job


Children are taught to be individuals and do what it is that makes them happy, regardless of whether they “fit” or not. This idealist view that people do not fit with others to have a happy and fulfilling life is a great one, but rarely proves to be effective. So many, in fact, value their own self on how well they mesh with one another and how effective they are at anchorage in wherever they go. When it comes to the workplace, no one wants to stand out because it will attract unwanted attention. Here are some tips for fitting in at a new job, no matter what the job is.

-Do not set you apart from the beginning. Go in with the mindset that you are going to make new friends and get to know people, no matter how the place seems. If you are quiet, some will understand that you are shy. Others might mistake it for arrogance. Do not let you gain a reputation for being stuck up when you are not at all

-If you are arrogant, do not be -. Unless you want to be rejected and the center of many conflicts. Vista attitude to somewhere else. You might say that it does not matter what others think, but your attitude can impact your job, and you should not let it do it.

-Figure out where your site is in the hierarchy of your new job, and do not overstep the bounds. Many threat of new people who come in and do not know their place. Therefore, they have the potential to create conflict or cause problems for the new person, even if it is completely unprofessional and unwarranted. Regional issues are human nature.

-If all else fails, just do your job and go home. You do not need to make friends, because it is working after all. You do not need to be well-liked, but it will help you in the long run to do your job more efficiently. If you are struggling to fit in and can not figure out how to do it, just do your job and then go home when the day is done.

You do not always “fit” in the workplace. It is possible to make your job easier, but sometimes it just does not. If people at work are not accepted by you or make it almost impossible for you to make your place of business, then you can just do what you’re paid to do and go home. It will not be as comfortable for those who stand out in the new job, but it ultimately does not matter as long as the work is completed. These tips should help you find your place and feel more at ease in his new position.


Career Advice – So Your Boss is a Jerk


Unless you are among the rarest of rare there are times when you think your boss is a jerk, a real pain in the rear.

But hold up a minute, you’ll be well served to consider the reasons behind his behavior before you throw fits. Understand, please, that I am not saying these reasons will justify bad boss, but they do go a long way to explain what is happening. Once you understand what the boss, you will be better able to cope and manage contact him and enhance your career

Consider these conditions :.

1. Your boss does not know how to be the boss.

It may not be his fault. The workforce is full of people occupying the position of a man who has little or no training for the role. They simply stayed around long enough to climb up the ladder by virtue of seniority.

2. Manager you are dumb as a post.

He may be, but it could be that he’s just another way to do things.

3. Sometimes he is moody, rude and abrupt. You never know what to expect.

There is really no excuse for such behavior, but the reality is that you have to deal with it. Consider the possibility that your boss is reported by someone who is riding him unmercifully to improve performance. Or maybe your boss is going through a difficult period in his life.

4. Your boss is afraid to make a decision.

He may be scared out of his wits trying to fill a position that he is not qualified. Maybe he feels that his job is in jeopardy.

5. He always insists you do it their way.

Consider the likelihood that he knows more about the situation and the task at hand than you. Maybe you have not proven way is better.

6. He will not share information.

Maybe he is bound by his boss to keep close to the vest. Or it may be that he has no information to share. Or it could be that you have not shown that you can see the information properly.

7. He never pay any attention to what you do and never gives you any comments.

When your boss ignores you, he may be paying you a compliment in his own way. That is, he could be “ignored” you because he feels confident that you will carry out the work without seeking his shoulder.

8. He takes all the credit. He is jealous when the spotlight shifts from him.

This is a sure sign of an inferiority complex. Ego his need to feed. Does he see yourself and others as competition for power? Are you being greedy for attention?

You probably have some connection problems with your boss. Take a deep breath and get used to it. You will always have a boss. Boss problems are constant. Another constant is the relationship with your superiors along the path of the process will determine the luck

The basic technology to build a positive relationship with your boss is simple :. Understand the reasons for his

conduct; support him and make him look good; where he needs expertise provide it; prove that he can trust you and that you are a team player.

Maybe you can help your boss to get promoted and you will move up to take his place.

Careers for unemployed Blue Collar Worker – Part 1


There will be times when you go to work in the morning to the unemployment line in the afternoon. So what Career Building Advice for unemployed Blue Collar Worker’s what

It’s really much you can do; the key is rather that you are ready for this event. Ask yourself these questions:

o Do you have savings to get by for up to three months?

o Is your budget allows you to live on unemployment?

o you know how to tap into your investments and other liquid accounts?

If not you need to take the following steps immediately follow this Career Building Advice and must be set to High. -Drive

Let’s start with impromptu Blue Collar Worker; there are several tasks to be performed immediately. The first projects are listed below:

o GET OVER IT – do not speculate in misery, your rights it was unfair, it stinks, and you deserve better.

o Sign up unemployment – this is what is going to get you through, do this immediately.

o pick up the phone – Tell everyone you know, you got Lavedan off. Tell everyone, every single person you know.

o ASK Why Sign – ask if they know of anyone hiring, to be excited let them know ready to get going ASAP.

o start a career documents -. Do not wait to create new, my best advice is to get a professional to do it for you now

What you get over being MAD, it will show up when you interview and will likely scare potential employers. In order to show the energy, enthusiasm and willingness to learn and most importantly a positive attitude.


Career Advice – you’re fired – get over it


Who can get the ax at any time. It happens to good people and bad ones … hard workers as well as slackers.

“We believe that you would be happier working for another company.”

“Unfortunately, business is falling off. We no longer need your services.”

“operations are consolidated in Mexico. Bedrock Plant will be closed on 1 February.”

Sugar-coated or not, the message is the same: You’re fired! You’ve been fired. You are out of work!

13 Steps to survive and prosper

Therefore, it makes sense to know what to do to survive and thrive, you should always get the dreaded “pink slip.”

1. Keep in mind that in the current environment the idea of ​​life charting job is as dead as a hammer. Stay true to your current employer, but never developed a romance with the organization. Know that the relationship can end at any time. There is enough suffering in store for all the loss of a job without adding the trouble and unrequited love. Look out for yourself first.

2. Be alert and well informed at all times about the prospects for the employer and the job. If you know it’s going down the drain, start below-the-radar look for other opportunities. If the ax falls, you’ll have a head start on finding another job.

3. Stay ready financially. Always try to have enough money in reserve to cover at least three months of living expenses.

4. Keep your skills up to date with the needs of the labor market. Exploiting the opportunities for further training. Read the literature field.

5. Keep up-to-date list of your accomplishments so you can produce again in 24 hours.

6. Fostering relations with people in your line of work and the more likely to hire the type of ability. The visible through outside activities and positive attention.

7. Help others who lose their jobs. Also, be of assistance to those who are looking to hire workers. They can help you one day.

8. Understand your feelings.

therapist Bill Weber says getting fired is very much like to deal with the death of a loved one.

“The first reaction is denial, or wishful thinking. It is a mistake. This can not be true,” Dr. Weber says. “Then the shock sets in, followed by anger, depression, frustration and fear. Worst of all is the loss of self-esteem.”

9. If you get fired, allowing little time for mourning; but not too much. Do not just sit there feeling sorry for yourself. It is natural to be angry with your employer, but do not let your feelings show. You do it anyway. Negotiate the best possible severance package possible for continued pay and benefits, especially insurance. Do not forget good reviews too.

10. Start immediately launch another search, the better job. Use this time to reassess the goals you have set for the rest of your life. Define job that will enable you to achieve these goals.

11. Prepare a plan to market yourself. Let it be known that you are available; “advertise” what you have to offer. Involve network of friends and family in your job search.

12. Be patient. Admit it will take time to find another acceptable.

13. Do not panic. If you possibly can afford to wait, do not jump on the first opportunity that comes down the pike, unless, of course, it fits really up with your goals.

Finally, try to remember two things.

1. It can happen to anyone.

2. A high percentage of people end up with better jobs than the ones they were fired.


Career Advice – Turf Hogs are dangerous animals


These marauders are easy to find, but hard to deal with. Left to their own devices, they will run amok. They can interfere with career path.

Turf Hogs work hard to gain credit for the ideas and work of others. They assume authority where no one has been granted. They claim to be team players, but depend on the territory of others.

When confronted, usually their defense is, “Who, me? I was just trying to be a team player and help others to benefit the organization.”

Career Tip :. If you want career success, you most likely will have to deal with Turf Hogs at some point

My Experience at American Express

I came across one of the kings of the turf Hogs in my career at American Express. Fred Y. was a match to the organization. His ambitions were far reaching, including my position as Senior Vice President Corporate Communications report to him instead of CEO.

He often went behind the back of other decisions guess that my staff had done. He would bring their offices to visit just (he said) “to see how things were going.” He expects to give them instructions. He “suggested” that I attend meetings “their” in which he asked for a report on my activities. When I could not attend because of a conflict in my schedule, he complained to the CEO, “Ramon is not a team player.”

When I confronted him, he would go to “Who, me?”. mode, accusing me of not being a team player

What is to be with Turf Hogs

Career Advice: Dealing with Turf Hogs requires patience and careful touch. I-was-only-trying-to-help their rationale is difficult and dangerous to deal with without appearing to be too protective turf phone.

First of all, you must be sure that the actions are damaging the turf hog organization; and you’re not just protecting your own area.

When turf hogs credit grabs go irritation erosion work, it’s time to deal with the culprits.

Invite him to meet with you in your office. Make it a closed- door situation. Be ready with a detailed list of their sins.

Citing more than one clear example of a complaint by his actions. Be sure to file damage. Fashion position along these lines:

“I’m a recent report your on boss you need some ideas on how I can do better, I appreciate your taking the time to offer suggestions on how to do. Job My, especially as I’m sure you have a full time job just implementing their own duties.

“Do not misunderstand me. I can use all the help I can get. But I expect you to come directly to me with your ideas. I know what my responsibilities are and focus our boss has assigned me. And I know what yours. “

Probably The Hog will fall back on the” Who, me? “Dodge.

reconstruct example of the team. Detail harm done. It’s a good idea to continue along this line:” As I see it, we are both charged with to do our jobs the way we we can achieve the objectives boss has laid out for us. The best way to do that is to respect the responsibilities and authority of each other as we work together. “

Do not be surprised if Turf phone Hog spreads the word to the boss and others that you are not a team. Players Be prepared to make your case to the boss if he asks you notes show that you are a team player

Career Tip: Do not expect .. The Turf Hog change, but you can keep the animal under control if you take a strong fact-based stance against encroachments him. It worked for me

by Fred Y.


Career Advice – Lead, follow, or get out of the way


life will be more effective and happier when you found that it is perfectly okay to choose the option – the lead, followed, or get out of the way – that best suits your needs and desires. Career success is not defined by what someone else expects of you. Genuine career success is what you define it to be.

If you are not performing at your best in a role that suits you, you are in fact responsible for themselves and the company that hires you.

Get right with your world. Make a decision and act on it today and every day to achieve career goals you set for yourself

If you choose to be a leader, be prepared to pay the price of commitment and effort functional requirements: courage and confidence; the ability to assemble and use resources; discipline to stay focused on the goal; the ability to teach and motivate people; and want to continue to study.

If you are not ready to step up to meet the demands of leadership, you are programming yourself for specific accomplishments and disappointments.

At the same time, if you prefer to be followed, embracing the role with all that it entails, and to be a good follower, perform tasks to the best of your ability; support your leaders by performing his instructions; and suggest ways to improve the delivery and team leader.

To do otherwise is to muddy the waters for everyone.

Leaders can not lead without good followers.

Whatever you do, for no sake, choose, set career goals and get going on a career path. . As long as you’re vacillating between leading and following, you are stuck nest for all the money

Make everyone – myself included – pay: lead, follow, or get out of the way. Career success depends on it.


Career Advice – Employees Feeling Job Stress, Too


Yes, managers are under pressure, turbulent times and all of us are well advised to take this situation into account managing relationships with them. It has never been more important for everyone to focus on the job at hand, do it in the best way and make light so as to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

But there is another side of the coin.


Managers need to consider that employees are under the gun to reduce costs, increase production … in other words, do more with less.

People are afraid


This is a good time for managers to remind them that the people they administer represent the most critical and sensitive resources available to get the job and promote their career paths. Good governance that encourage human capital can mean the difference for that razor-thin material between success in achieving career goals and settling for also-ran status.

It is wrong to think that people are going to change their practices overnight. The truth, as in boom times some managers allow their soldiers to follow poor work habits; turn in sloppy work; and generally do not care about the results. So when the downturn comes along, they expect by issuing a new set of commands and to a higher standard – the strength of motivation one -. Men and women are going to suddenly shaping up to perform at some higher level

Work Habits do not change Overnight

Where bad work habits have been allowed to develop over a period of time, manager who cracks the whip and expects everything to change overnight is riding for a big surprise.

What can happen, though, is that a good manager will use the tough times to be reminded of his duties and goals of the organization. He can start from ground zero to encourage and manage work force. If done properly, these will start to pay dividends in the short term, but there will not be any instant, a miracle cure for all problems.

If, on the other hand, the manager has been successful in maintaining high standards of quality and productivity, he can feel justified in asking for extra efforts. However, he should not expect that just by applying pressure for more and better, 100 percent effort suddenly become 110 percent. People achieve realistic capabilities. Pushing for more over time offers Burnout and denial.

It is necessary, especially in difficult times, managers never ask those who manage to do something that they can not or will not do themselves. Managers can not expect employees to just grin and bear it when layoffs are announced, if they themselves are taking Friday afternoon off to play a round of golf or go away for a few days in your favorite resort.

Good managers do not express fear and foreboding that their team. It has been said that the sign of a good leader is that his followers always leave his presence feeling better about the world in general and prospects in particular. Indeed, it is foolish to manager painting Silver Linings in the skies if a thunderstorm is brewing. But a good boss simply will not allow themselves to come across as defeat and depression. The message, even in difficult times, needs to be, “Yes there are rough, but we can work our way out of this situation if we accept the facts and make our best effort to deal with them.”


Career Advice – Career Growth begins with Career Goals


“My boss asked casually how I spent my weekend. I want to keep my life private.”

“My parents criticized my decision to start a business. They are convinced we will be soon. Living in a homeless shelter”

“My friends invited me to lunch last week and I just do not have time for a social event “

As you start a new project. – – Labor, business, promotion, transfer – you may find that you are living in a glass bubble. Friends, colleagues and family watching closely, wondering if they’ll pick up the pieces after midlife crisis career crash.

You love them, but you need to set limits. Life gets crowded when you live in a small bubble.

1. Draw your own border card before getting caught in tough conditions. If you are clear on your needs, your curves will be solid.

2. When you are asked a tough question, use the opportunity to send the message you want to send

Q :. “Should not you be spending more time with your family?” A: “I have a wonderful family I told my daughter starts high school basketball team her son just won the award for ….?”

3. Skip Apologies and explanations unless you really need forgiveness

Q :. “? Can we meet for lunch next week”

A: “Gee, I’m so sorry, but I have all these errands to run, and my mother will be visiting, and …”

Ouch! Let’s try it again:

A “. I always enjoy lunch with you, but this week will not work for me, I can call you back to set up a time”

OR (if you never want to have lunch with this person):

A “.. Lunches do not work with my schedule let’s stay in touch via email”

4. The loan money or ask for favors will erode boundaries.

If your parents lend you $ 20,000 to buy a house, they deserve regularly about your financial status.

If a colleague watching your cat for a week, she will expect holiday stories (as well as a lovely gift and a promise to hire a babysitter next time).

5. If you find yourself surrounded by people who push boundaries, consider reviewing priorities with a coach, a counselor or a trusted friend. Your words and actions can be a sign, “Come in!” when the brain says, “Hold!”

Finally, do not beat yourself up! Genuine self-acceptance and self-confidence will prevent most goals-trespassers.

And sometimes you stop to free boundaries, recognizing that life in a glass bubble can also bring unexpected help, surprise and even prizes.


Career Advice – are frog in hot water



Only 55 percent of workers earning more than $ 50,000 and 45 percent of those earning less than $ 15,000 a year say they are satisfied with their jobs, according to a survey by the Conference Board.

What is happening here? This is serious stuff. The deviations should set the alarm bells to employers and employees alike

Job Tip :. It is a proven fact that employees who work are more productive and successful; therefore, their employers’ bottom lines benefit. At the same time, employees who find satisfaction in their work to earn more, and better health, both mentally and physically

Career Advice :. What do you think of your job? If you are among the number of those who are “unsatisfied” with the path of the curve, it’s time to get cracking with action to improve your life at work. Left uncorrected such a state of mind slowly but surely breed frustration and ennui, which in turn sap your strength and skills to build a successful career.

Rate your job

The first step is to take an inventory of career goals and where you stand in achieving them. Rate each of the following on a scale of one to ten. The higher the number, the more satisfied you are.

1. The total compensation website :. Your paycheck, your benefits including health insurance, savings and retirement and vacation

2. The credit balance between work and leisure time.

3. workload.

4. The chances for promotion.

5. Your job itself.

6. manager relationships.

7. work environment.

Take the total of your ratings and divide the number by seven. ? Yet the scale of one to ten, how satisfied are you with your career path

Now, go to step three by answering these questions:

1. What changes can be made to increase satisfaction level for seven to eight areas of current work?

2. Is Missing in satisfaction scores due to external forces that surround your job?

3. Is discontent own making phone

Are you teaching

Career Advice 😕 If problems are your own making, you will know that they will follow you wherever you go until you make adjustments in your own thoughts.

If you are not sure you can reach seven or eight points at the current time it is time to consider looking elsewhere for career success.

all that you do, if you are not quite well satisfied with life at work take action today.

Remember the frog. Put him in a pot of cold water and put it over a flame. Frog will frolic happily on the water goes from cool to warm. He will continue to adapt, swimming about contentedly, even as the water begins to simmer. It is not until the water reaches boiling the frog finally admits he is in serious trouble and try to get out. But by that time, his strength has been sapped and it is too late.

before the fact, you are the master of your own destiny. Readings on the satisfaction scale is the result of your own efforts.


Career Advice – Are you meeting their expectations


Here’s a career tip you rely on.

Understand what boss, direct reports and your peers expect from you and meet your expectations, it is important to career success.

There is word from Bill Neale, a founding partner of Denison Consulting, a company dedicated to study the relationship between culture and leadership in bottom line results

Here is a quick overview of research conducted by Denison :.

1. The manager expects to set and achieve policies and goals that support long-term tasks. “You can be the greatest team players in the world, or wonderful” people person, “but if you ignore the role of the company you will ever meet the boss,” says Neale, leadership development expert.

2. Redirect reports expect you to promote teamwork, delegate authority and responsibility, as well as to encourage personal development. The receiving direct reports your history, motivated and committed is crucial. “If you are not truly engaged people who work for you, you will not win a vote of confidence from them, and you are not likely to fully develop their strengths and abilities,” according to Neale.

3. Peer expect you to be adaptable and consistent, and committed to the principles and values ​​of the company. Organizational peer group are difficult to satisfy. “They may have less information about you, or see you as a competitor,” Neale says. “Peers, however, do not put much emphasis on flexibility and the ability to overcome organizational boundaries and constraints, and to push the ranking in the workplace.”

The point is if you are serious about taking the first step is to meet the various expectations, both spoken and unspoken-of your boss, who inform you and your friends.